Sims 3 world adventures patch mac Double click on the download. Archive Utility should automatically start unzipping the file and you should get a pop up showing the progress: Once unzipped you will see the patch ready to install in your Downloads folder. It has a little plumbob as the file icon:. Now double click on the plumbob file. Depending on your Gatekeeper settings, you may get an error message saying the file cannot be identified because it is from an unidentified developer: This is a security feature built into OS X. In the bottom half of the window you should see your Gatekeeper preferences: Click on Open Anyway as we know that file is the super patch.

Remember to change it back afterwards! You will now get another warning window, just click Open: You need to hold down the CTRL key and click on the extracted file to open it. You will see the following dialogue box:. The patch will open and a window will appear asking you where the game is. I use a combination of disc and origin downloads. The base game is a download. Should I use the digital? Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person.

Ive tried the patch but it does the same thing. Any suggestions as to what i should do?

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Also when I did use the patch it only updated to 1. Im downloading from your universal link I also get a. Its been three years Ive been so excited to get this working again. Do my eyes deceive me? Is this actually a recent post? Will I need to redownload and run the super patch when I add an expansion pack? If I run the super patch after installing the base game, should I rerun it after installing each expansion, or after they are all installed?

Did you get rid of all the files when you uninstalled? You can run the super patch as many times as you like. After uninstalling and reinstalling I followed your instructions a a clean uninstall and got rid of all the Sims 3 files. I click play on the launcher and the game shuts down. I tried the super patch. It used to play fine from the disks, I know my computer can handle it. What Mac do you have? And did you use the right patch for the digital version?

I am trying to patch the game but I am having some issues. Disc or digital download? I downloaded the patch successfully, although was unable to install it. I downloaded the stuffit expander, and this completed successfully. Although it says it is unable to expand when I go to click on it again.

If the file has the plumbob icon then there is no need to expand it. Just double click on it to open it. I have a macOS Sierra Version The first time, I completed the clean uninstall and re-installed, it ran a couple of times then the message appeared again. So this time I completely wiped my HD, reinstalled Sierra, and started from scratch re-downloading the more compatible Origin and installing the games—check to see if it was working, it was—then downloading this super patch.

I went to launch and the error message appeared again. Please help! Am I doing this in the wrong order? What can I do to fix it? Your advice is very much appreciated!

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You only need apply the super patch once, after installing the base game. If you are prompted in the Launcher for any updates after installing each EP then click no update.

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I never opened my Sims 3 game cause I had no motivation to try to fix it. And I had the worst experience with EA contacting them in total of 4 times for any troubleshooting. So I decided to just log in as a new Admin account on my Mac. So far, I was able to download and launch my sims 3 game with and without the super patch. I had no trouble with that, thanks to this lovely post thank you btw. You are my sim savior.

My only concern and question would be redownloading and reinstalling the EP and SP. I would just hate to have to go through this process and not have my EP and SP not work especially after all the trouble. I have OS Sierra. This site has a lot of great information, but the advocation of super patch has been nothing but a nightmare for me. My game actually worked until installed that and now it will not.

What I had to do previously was I could never run the game by clicking on any of the expansion pack executes, I had to use the base game execute to actually run in it my iMac. I made the foolish mistake of buying Late Night back a couple of days ago before realizing what a catastrophe that was as I could no longer get to the launcher but instead got that annoying application error. You could just install the previous patch, v. Just cleanly uninstall everything and reinstall, forgetting Late Night.

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Does the solution explained in this post make Late Night playable in Sierra? You have to do the manual workaround. I downloaded the digital version because I play my games through origin, but I forgot they were put on there as discs. If I installed the disc version over the top would it still run? Please help!!! When I uninstalled it I did followed all the instructions in your guide to make sure I uninstalled it correctly.

Are you applying the patch after installing the base game only or after installing the base game and UL? Almost nothing is, just one folder that says Chrome Apps. Any idea what that is about? Thank you! Are you looking in the right place? Is it just me or is it a pain in the ass to actually play the game? Btw this is the first time ever im downloading the universal patch from this link and it also says its a tgz file is that normal? Are you playing on a year old Mac? Play in Windowed mode too.

That way, if the game freezes you can just click anywhere on the Desktop to get back to Finder then Force Quite the game, rather than do a hard restart on your Mac.

Sims 3 manual super patch for Mac 1.67

Hi, good morning! Thanks a lot for the interesting topic. I found that late night is the problem and the super patch is not the solution. Hi, not sure what you mean by an updated Mac but the unsupported ones are listed here — https: The game is pretty much redundant on most Macs now. You can thank EA for not bothering to properly support it….. Thank you so much for providing this support! One of the reasons I always loved Sims 3 was because we all have to support each other. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

Previously on Maverick and Mountain Lion, the game ran with no problems. Odd thing is my game was running fine on Yosemite until last week when it refuse to open and threw up an error msg. I uninstalled the game and cleared everything and reinstalled just the base game first. The splash screen pops up and it says an update is available so I download it.

Re: World Adventures Expansion Pack Won't Download[Mac]

The ultimate source of patches & addons for The Sims 3: World Adventures. Download asian, chinese & korean CD/DVD patch to for MAC OSX . Manually patch the game to Instructions and link here. The Sims 3 Mac super patch - | - Origin Reset Tool for Mac -. - I am not affiliated with EA in.

Biggest regret!!!! First of all thank you for your lovely download instructions. Just got a bit trouble at the last step of finding the Sims 3 at the Application folder. What should I do? I have a macOS Sierra Thank you so much! Are you applying the correct version of the patch for your game? Damn it, that must have happened very recently. Showing results for.

Search instead for. Do you mean. Answer HQ English: The Sims: The Sims Mac: Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: December - last edited December by rumbutter So as you can see in the title, my World Adventures expansion pack won't download properly.

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