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More information on https: I just decided to download your app for OSX. I got the free version to determine if it could get the station I like.

No problem paying for pro version without ads , just wanted to check it out first. It has the station I wanted to listen to and I set it up.

Listen to Internet radio in iTunes on Mac

I am very impressed with the interface. The problem is that when the announcer is talking there is noise coming in on the right channel. It sounds almost like another station. It is not so prominent when songs are playing. That may be due to the fact that it would be harder to hear behind the music.


Is this peculiar to the station I am listening to. Never heard it in my car radio.

Radio for mac, Apple OSX app for playing and recording streaming internet radio from your menu bar

Download myTuner Radio Live FM Stations for macOS or later and enjoy it on "A lightweight application for listening to internet streaming broadcasts, . In iTunes on Mac, listen to Internet radio broadcasts that are streamed over the In the iTunes app on your Mac, choose Music from the pop-up menu at the top.

Anyway I would need that fixed before I could pay for a version. I could find a location to see if this was a problem or if there already was a fix.

Connect to an Internet broadcast

I hope you can let me know what to do. The app functions beautifully; super easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls and great quality.

I really like being able to listen to stations all over the place and this app eliminated the annoying process of going to tons of different websites in one fell swoop. This is basically the only reason I rated it 4, instead of 5, stars. I have been trying it out and deciding whether to pay for the pro version. This tells me the developers are not actively working on or supporting their product - just cashing checks. It works well for finding radio stations, if you know what you are looking for.

Please let us know if you find any bugs or if you would like specific features to be added in future versions. By using our free optional RadioMediaKeys utility you can now also start and stop Radio with the media keys on your keyboard. To enable you to use your keyboard media keys with Radio , we made the RadioMediaKeys utility. It can be downloaded for free:. RadioMediaKeys will show in your Dock and can be controlled and quit from there. We've open-sourced our RadioMediaKeys utility.

5 Best Free Online Radio Apps For Mac Users

Check out the code and make it work the way you want at: You can use the Radio Applescript interface in any way you like, from FastKeys to Automator workflows. Use as Applescript command: At Het is Simpel we tend to build things we need ourselves. Damien listens to internet radio all day and got frustrated that he missed his favourite shows while being in presentations and meetings. So he started searching for a lean and mean OSX app which would play and record streaming internet radio from the menu bar, while using minimal system resources.

He didn't find it Jeroen is as passionate about easy to use interfaces as he is frustrated about confusing interfaces.

Radio for mac · Play and record streaming internet radio from your OSX Menu Bar

Damien has been coding since before he was 7 years old. He works as a software engineer based in Dublin, Ireland. Remco is freelance UX designer and web developer. He has worked with Jeroen on many websites and web apps in the past. He has built the Radio website and has diligently been testing countless versions of Radio.

How To Make Your Own Internet Radio Station For Mac

Follow radioformac Tweet. You are using Internet Explorer 6 or 7. Please use a modern browser like Firefox or upgrade Internet Explorer to properly view this website [x]. Radio for mac, Apple OSX app for playing and recording streaming internet radio from your menu bar Currently playing radio station Song or program info, shows in Notification Centre. Play and pause can also be controlled with the media keys on your keyboard with our free RadioMediaKeys utility , or with Applescript.

Radio for mac, Apple OSX app for playing and recording streaming internet radio from your menu bar, is ready for Retina screens. Radio for mac, Apple OSX app. Play and record streaming internet radio from your menu bar Listen, record and export your favourite radio stations. All from your menu bar! Play any streaming radio station: Radio is designed to be very lightweight and use minimal system resources. Radio displays great on Retina screens. Version 1.

Upgraded to ffmpeg v Bug fixes. When using Airplay, it's not yet possible to only send the Radio sound over Airplay, without the system sound. We are considering adding this feature in a future version. In OSX Yosemite dark mode, the Radio icon in the menu bar isn't converted - the icon is there but black.

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Radio works without further problems in Yosemite. We are working on a fix. Why does Radio not launch?

Live Stations

Help, Radio is not working! Can I play Radio over Airplay? Radio currently doesn't directly support Airplay. However, if you'd really like to stream Radio via Airplay, here is a trick you can use: How does the station library work? Which stations are included in the library?

My station is missing, can you add it to your global library? What types of stations can I record? Can I schedule recordings?

And The Winner Is… Best Internet Radio Streaming Service

Where are recordings saved to? In what format are the recordings saved? Why are the Edit and Delete buttons in the Stations Panel not working? My stream is not playing or displays an error. Radio supports the following formats: My Flash-based radio stream is not playing. Thats right, Radio doesn't support Flash. How does iCloud syncing of my favourites work? Why does iCloud syncing not work? Can I import multiple streams at once?